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    Throughout our daily life we continuously rely on embedded systems. ProtectEM focus on mission critical applications in networked environments. Failures as well as negligent or malicious manipulations can cause material harm and even threaten lives in those areas.

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  • Embedded Security


    Cyber attacks against embedded systems are gaining significance. Not only malicious attacks, but also negligence and system failurs pose threats. These risks are intensified by the growing network connectivity.

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    We all see the risks and understand that we need improved security. But what can be done? We have some ideas and can support your first step as well as your further path to secure your installations, equipment and products.

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    About us

    We are two professors at the University of Applied Sciences Deggendorf with both many years of industry experience in safety & security, industrial automation and communications networks. A young project team of experts researches, develops and plans solutions for embedded security together with us.

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ProtectEM GmbH
Solutions for Embedded Security

ProtectEM GmbH has orginally evolved from a  project team a the University of Applied Sciences Deggendorf. Wie offer Solutions for the security of embedded systems. Solutions, that means training, consulting and concept development, planning, implementation and auditing of security solutions. Our target industries are industrial and process automation, the power sector including alternative energy, traffic infrastructure and e-mobility, automotive, medical devices as well as other industries where embedded systems control critical proceses. The risks for embedded systems come from threats through cyber attacs but also from negligence or mistakes e.g. in the configuration of networks.


For whom?

Our Target Verticals

Our target industries

We rely on embedded systems in any industry and almost any area of our daily life. Embedded systems control all critical processes in the power sector, in the traffic infrastructure or in manufacturing and process industries. Our offering focuses on vertical sectors and applications which have high requirements for stability and sturdiness of the embedded systems. These are in particular the following industry sectors:

  • Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution. The rapid increase of alternative energy feeds puts high demands on the ermerging smart grid. Security is a prime concern.
  • Manufacturing industry and machine building. The replacement of field busses by Ethernet and the wide spread use of PC technologies create significant challenges for secure system architecture in industrial automation systems. ProtectEM likewise addresses end users, system integrators and manufacturers of devices and components.
  • Process industry. Risk potentials are high in chemical, pharmacutical or oil and gas industries. Reliable data and a secure communication infrastructure are core to safe operations.
  • Traffic systems. Intelligent traffic systems (ITS), public transport and urban automation (smart cities) are the arteries of modern life. Their protection is of high velue.
  • Medical systems. Modern health care has become unthinkable without embedded systems. Ensuring correct and reliable operation is directly linked to patients' health.
  • Automotive embedded systems. The ProtectEM team has done extensive research on ethernt for use in vehicles. Opening cars to the internet and connecting user devices create new challenges. We assist in facing them.



Embedded Security

For a long time embedded systems have relied on "security by obscurity". Cyber attacks of the recent past have strongly demonstrated, that even these dedicated systems have become attractive targets for attackers. A comprehensive overview of vulnerabilities in automation systems and other components used in critical infrastructure can be found at ICS-CERT, a department of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Not only malicious attackers pose threats, but also negligence and component failures. Therefore,  security for critical infrastructures has to be defined with a wide scope. Thus, failsafe systems like redundant network protocols also increase system security. Intent, negligence or pure chance can not easily be differentiated. Measures to increase security should mitigate alle three causes.


Our Solution Offering

We offer the complete services to assess, improve and maintain your embedded security.

Seminare für Entscheider

Our executive training for decision makers provides the basics of international security standards and best pratices. We convey proven and econmical step-by-step procedures for system appraisal, risk assessment, planning and implementation of security measures.


Our hands-on, interactive trainings for project managers and technicians guide through the most relevant cyber attack and defense techniques in a live setup. This helps to obtain a deep understanding of the underlying mechanisms. Using sample architectures, reasonable system topologies and action plans are being developed.


System audits and appraisals according to international standard create the basis for effective planning of measures and actions. They secure the sustainability of achieved security standards.

Planung von Sicherheitsmaßnahmen

We help you to plan organizational and technical measures on the basis of a system audit and appraisal. We help to plan your organizational and technical measures, based on a pragmatic and econonmically feasable approach.


The Team Behind ProtectEM

The ProtectEM team is led by

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Grzemba
 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Grzemba
Vice President Research and Technology Transfer
HDU University of Applied Sciences Deggendorf
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Fröhlich  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Froehlich
Professor Embedded Systems, HDU University of Applied Sciences Deggendorf
Director Business Development, Hirschmann Automation & Control GmbH

Das Team von ProtectEM


An overview about workshops, seminars and events about embedded security


How to find and contact us

We are here

We're located at the University of Applied Sciences Deggendorf.

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Technische Hochschule Deggendorf
Edlmairstraße 6 + 8
94469 Deggendorf

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